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CCA and Country Caching plugins: connecting alternative GeoIP system for country identification

Documentation is a work in progress. Create a file named “use-my-geolocation.inc” containing your custom cca_custom_lookup function and place it in your “/wp-content/cca_maxmind_data/” directory. As a minimum the function must: set $GLOBALS[‘CCA_ISO_CODE’] to the 2 character ISO country code identified by your geolocation system; if your geolocation system reports an error or cannot identify the visitor ... Read More

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CCA & Country Caching Plugins – changing server IP variable(s) used by Maxmind for country look up

If you are using Cloudflare for geolocation then this page has no relevance or interest. The CCA & Country Caching Plugins check your server’s IP variables (in this order) “HTTP_CLIENT_IP”, “HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR”, “HTTP_X_REAL_IP and “REMOTE_ADDR” for the first occurrence of a valid IP address. However you can use different PHP server variables, or change the order ... Read More

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The CCA goodies extension

The Goodies extension adds much more functionality and flexibility to your CCA plugin. What’s more, the current version is FREE for a tweet about the CCA plugin. [tab name=”CCA Extensions”] 1. Download, Install, and update notifications Extension Features: 2. Additional Sidebar Options 3. New “Ads/Text in Posts” widgets 4. Associating pages with existing or new ... Read More

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CCA Plugin how to guide:

Welcome visitor from ; work smarter by installing the easy to use CCA Plugin: [tab name=”How To (1)”] In this section: 1. “How to” video 2. Initial site-wide settings. DO THIS FIRST     2a. Using Cloudflare to identify country 3. Sidebar widgets     3a. RSS News Feed content 4. Widgets/Adverts within posts 5. ... Read More

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Caching Plugins and Country GeoIP

Caching plugins do not work well with dynamic content. Coming soon: extensions to WP Super Cache and Quick cache that enable them to work perfectly with GeoLocation data on every post or page. Read More

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Using CCA geolocation functions, methods, filters and actions in your own code and plugins

1. CCA methods and functions that can be called in your code: Remember shortcodes are available as well a. Get the country code for the visitor’s location: CCAgeoip::get_visitor_country_code() OR CCAgeoip::get_visitor_country_code(‘lower’) Returns the alphabetic 2 character ISO country code for the visitor, or an empty string if not found.Use the ‘lower’ argument if you want the ... Read More

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Category and/or Country aware WordPress: take control of your sidebar & posts:

Simple to use, and free, plugin that makes both your posts and your sidebar content relevant for your post's category and/or visitor's locale (country). Read More

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WordPress: the CCA plugin and GeoLocation

In this section: 1. The default setup (Cloudflare and Maxmind Geolite2) 2. Accuracy 3. Auto-updating Maxmind Country IP data 4. Using OTHER GeoLocation systems with the CCA plugin 5. How to use country GeoLocation in YOUR OWN PHP applications 6. I want to/am using Maxmind’s paid for data 7. I want to use Maxmind’s Geolite2 ... Read More

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