(Version 0.7.0)

After update Country Caching (CC) will continue working. However; you should still (re)save your settings (Dashboard->WPSC Country Caching).

There have been major changes and improvements to this plugin:

1. Changes to WP Super Cache Settings
2. Defining where WPSC looks for your CC plugin settings
3. New option: single cache for a group of counties
4. Changes to visitor country identification

1. WP Super Cache Settings

Now done for you. This plugin sets “Cache Delivery Method” to “simple” (WPSC’s recommended setting); and “Cache HTTP headers” to on.

2. Identifying location that WPSC checks for your CC plugin settings + option to use WPSC default folder

No need for editing of wpsc config file. As recommended in WPSC documentation; the WPSC country caching settings are saved to a file in a dedicated directory (and WPSC is “told” where to find it).

Country Caching settings has an option to place the plugin settings file in WPSC’s default directory (NOT recommended).

Default folder option

You should NOT SELECT this option UNLESS you have also enabled (unlikely) one of the files in WPSC’s own Plugins tab (image below).

WPSC plugins tab

If you do opt to use WPSC’s folder, and the CC settings file is later deleted during a Super Cache version update, then the CC plugin should fire a warning message on the Admin Dashboard usually this will appear shortly after deletion. The settings file can be recreated by re-saving your Country Caching settings.

Option to create single cache for a group of countries

Now available in settings.

Country Identification: Maxmind(2) and alternative Geolocation systems)

You can ignore this section if you are using Cloudflare for Country identification.

Once you have (re)saved your settings, the plugin will use Maxmind Geolite2 instead of Maxmind Legacy (Maxmind no longer supports Legacy).

Updates: If installed and enabled the CCA plugin will do an automatic “monthly update” of the Maxmind country/IP look-up data file for you. Alternatively you can manually update see FAQ.

Maxmind Geolite2 only works with PHP 5.4 or later. If your server is using PHP 5.3 then country identification will use the old Maxmind Legacy file installed by previous releases of this plugin. This data will be increasingly out of date. You should update your version of PHP. Alternatively, connect country caching to another Geolocation system that works with your version of PHP.


(Documentation coming soon)

  • It is now possible to configure this plugin to use some other Geolocation system e.g. Amazon or IP2Location.
  • This plugin can now be be set to share the same Maxmind Country/City file used by some other plugin.
  • You can change which Server Variable(s) is used to identify visitor IP address.