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Elephone P6 6.3 inch smartphone review (also covers P6S)


The 6.4 inch Xperia Ultra or the 6.3 Galaxy Mega ‘phablet’ (phone tablet) may be perfect for your needs but are expensive. Luckily phablets are popular in Asia so there are low cost Chinese produced alternatives (list & links).

They have more memory & storage than the Galaxy Mega, and same/higher MP cameras & screen resolution. But are they a disappointment or a real bargain?

Well, the model I bought exceeded my expectations and impressed my top of the range smartphone owning friends:

Review of Elephone P6/P6S
Model reviewed: Elephone P6 (2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage) bought for $239.99/ £151.72 from Banggood. (1GB/16GB version was $214.99/ £134.15)

The Elephone P6S ($248.99 / £157.18) is the same phone but with an octa-core processor & faster GPU. The P6 is no slouch, and apart from speed (I’ll cover differences) the contents of this review should apply to both the P6 and P6S

To confuse matters Elephone have now released a totally different 5 inch phone called the P6i which is NOT covered in this review.

(prices as at 5 Feb 2014)

Web browsing with the 6.3 inch Elephone.

Web browsing with the 6.3 inch Elephone. N.B. the phone is white (blame the camera taking the pic) and I haven’t removed the original outer protective film.


Models have either an octa-core MTK6592 or quad-core MTK6589T processor, Dual SIM (full & micro), micro SD slot & FM radio. The P6 also has a 2GB/32GB option. Android version: 4.2.2.

Memory: The P6 is equipped with either 1GB RAM and 16GB internal storage, or 2GB & 32GB. The P6S has 2GB RAM and 16GB storage.

Screen resolution is 1280 x 720 (“HD”) and rear/front cameras are 8MP/2MP i.e. the same as the Galaxy Mega. Many Chinese phablets have higher MP cameras and 1080 x 1920 FHD resolution (see phablet list); but “ordinary HD” has advantages (see below).

Included with the phone are the usual USB cable, mains charger, earphones, and a spare screen protector film.

The phone was as described by the store. However, both the spec label stuck to the box and initial protective screen film my phone came in show incorrect details for the phone.


Despite the low price it is an excellent phone. It offers far better value than equivalent phones available in the “West”; and its only real competitors are other Chinese phablets.


The Elephone P6S/P6 can be used as an all in one phone, satnav, web browser, radio, “Kindle”, camera, games, MP3 and video player. With its 6.3 inch screen it’s small enough to carry as a phone but large enough for a tablet experience.

Browsing full size web page.

Browsing full size web page. N.B. the phone is white (blame the camera taking the pic) and the phone still has original outer protective film.

It saved me over £200 on the price of the Galaxy Mega i9200 6.3 8GB (the cheapest similar phone in the UK).

The low cost hasn’t resulted in a poor product; the display is just as good, and unlike the Mega it has a decent amount of internal storage and an FM radio. However, like the Mega i9200 you don’t get LTE. This isn’t an issue for me, LTE is still rolling out in the UK and data caps make it expensive.

The phone was designed for 3G on 850/2100MHz which suits many/most(?) countries. In the UK 2100MHz is alloted for 3G so my P6 is great. However some countries use 900, or 1900MHz, or a mix of frequencies; so check with your network provider. In the US some networks use 850MHz for 3G but on many you will have partial 3G coverage or only receive a 2G GSM service.

Size & Usability

If you’ve seen or handled a Galaxy Mega 6.3 you’ll have feel for its size. The P6/P6S’s width & length are near identical but it is slightly thicker (see spec). It fits my pockets (even jeans), I’m using it as my only phone and it has replaced my tablet.

There is also an optional smart wake view” case (£4.99) and I’m ordering one.

The volume button is on the left side, the “On” button is almost directly opposite on the right. Because of my last phone I’m used to a power button on the top. When grasping the P6 I initially found I’d accidentally press the power button whilst adjusting the volume. I’m now used to the phone, but placing the power button on the top would have been better.

Touch screen sensitivity was spot on for finger use. Unlike some modern phones I couldn’t use the touch screen whilst wearing gloves; however, you can use Air Gestures with the P6. I’m not an AG fan, I’d maybe use it for ebook page turning but neither the Kindle or FBreader appear to work with Air Gestures.

Both the Elephone P6S and P6 come with Android 4.2.2. and mine arrived set to the English default.

Elephone The Antutu score for the P6S as reported by Bangood. They show the P6 scoring 16530. My own P6 scored 16488 when I ran the benchmark.

Elephone P6S Antutu score as reported by Banggod. They report the P6 as scoring 16530. When I ran the Antutu App my own P6 scored 16488.


Price hasn’t compromised performance. Unlike my previous phone I wasn’t irritated by lags – even after trying the fast Galaxy S4. My P6 achieved an Antutu(v4) score of 16488 which is close to Google’s Nexus 4. If latest processor heavy games are important opt for the P6S. Its Antutu benchmark places it in the same league as the S4 & Nexus 5.


The P6 feels solid and doesn’t look cheap. The rear cover is plastic and fairly flexible, but once in place is feels as strong and firm as the rest of the phone.

At the price I was expecting some sub-standard components e.g. sound. However, I don’t feel anything is below par. Sound/volume are better than my 2 year old LG Optimus and quite acceptable. With a phone of this size there is room for a large removable battery, and (assuming it doesn’t die) it is brilliant – currently at 49%, and well over 3 days since last charged (I’m not a heavy user but this does include browsing via 3G & WIFI, music, photos, plus testing Apps, Sat Nav and video for this review).

The battery was marked 4200mAh, but the store spec shows it as 3000mHa. Whichever it is, it is more than adequate.

Display & Camera

Like the Galaxy Mega the P6 has a 1280×720 (HD) display. I love the display on my P6. I let 2 friends try it out, both had FHD screen phones (S4 & Nexus 5) both thought the display on the 6.3 inch screen was fantastic especially video and used words like crisp and lovely colour. HD also has some advantages over FHD (1080×1920): In theory: i. fonts will be bigger (better for those with middle age eyesight like me) ii. FHD requires more processing so if 2 phones have the same “processor” the HD phone will be faster/handle more frames per second.

The Elephones 2MP/8MP cameras are responsive compared to my previous phone and I noticed no difference in lag between my P6 and a Nexus 5. Quality is average, but good enough for the type of snaps I take.

If you want FHD (1080 x 1920) or 13MP camera there are plenty of other Chinese phablets to choose from.


One common complaint with Chinese phones is trouble getting GPS to work properly. I’d read that the Elephone didn’t have these problems, and I’ve used my P6 for Satnav in my car and can confirm it worked without any tweaking.

Other Points to note

Electrical Goods sold to the EU should have a CE certification mark. The phone has a CE logo (genuine or not), but the mains charger doesn’t. The absence of a CE mark does not necessarily mean a product is unsafe. The charger appears to be safe (it gets no warmer than my last phone charger), but you can’t be certain. If this is a concern to you, buy a replacement from a local store (Maplin sell a suitable charger for only £2.99).

I recommend using the earphones off your old phone. The supplied earphones are as good as others and volume excellent; and they had the usual button to skip tracks when using the P6 for MP3s. However the earphone jack is 1.5mm longer than standard and when fully inserted looks like it could be pushed slightly further in. I thought, if fully in, the earphone button might have the capability to accept/end phone calls. So in the interest of this review I forced the jack all the way into the socket. Unfortunately the only result of the forcing was that the supplied earphones with their longer jack are now the only ones that work with the phone.

Specification as detailed by Banggodd:

Basic Information
Model Elephone P6 or P6S
Color White, Black
Band 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
3G: WCDMA 850/2100MHz
Sim Card Dual SIM Card Dual Standby
OS Android OS 4.2.2
CPU for P6 Model MediaTek MT6589T, Quad core 1.5GHz with Cortex™-A7 and low power consumption.
CPU for P6S Model MediaTek MTK6592 1.7GHz Octa-core
Internal Storage P6: 16 or 32GB; P6S: 16GB
RAM P6: 1GB or 2GB; P6S: 2GB
Display Size 6.3 Inch
Type Original mega screen
Resolution 1280*720 pixels HD screen
Screen Color 16000K Colors
Support Format
Ringtones Type Support Polyphonic/MP3
Audio Format Support MP3/WAV/AMR/AWB
Music&Sound format Support AAC/AAC+/EAAC+/WAV/MP3/MIDI/AMR
Graphical Format Support JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG
E-Book Format Support TXT/CHM/DOC/HTML
FM Radio Support, a 3.5mm earphones is needed
Card Extend Support micro SD/TF card up to 64GB
Data Transfer & Connectivity
Data transfer USB/Bluetooth
Mobile internet WAP/WiFi
Camera/Picture Resolution Dual Cameras, 2.0MP front camera, 8.0MP back camera with flashlight
Video screen 1080p Video records with sound
Language As the pictures show.
Message SMS/MMS
Phonebook 1000 Group
Input Handwrite/Keypad
Navigation Yes, Built-in GPS chip (GPS+AGPS)
OTG Support
WAP Browser Support
WIFI Yes, IEEE802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth Support V2.0/3.0/4.0
Multi-Touch Yes,5 point touch
Gravity Sensor Support
Light Sensor Support
Note: no electronic compass
Talk time 350-480 (Unit:Mins)
Standby time 200-250 (Unit:Hour)
Battery 3000mAh
Other Features
3G, WIFI, GPS, FM, Bluetooth, Ebook, Email, Messaging,wallpapers,calendar, calculator, clock, camera, OTG, etc
Dimensions 167*88*9.2mm
Net Weight(Including battery) 230g
Package Included 1 x Elephone P6 ot P6S Smart Phone
1 x 3000mAh Battery (mine was marked 4200mAh)
1 x USB Cable
1 x Earphone
1 x Charger
1 x Protector
1 x User’s Manual(English – but not much use)

Reviewed by Andy Wrigley+


  1. Jim Gordon

    Hi AW
    Thank you very much for your excellent review of the Elephone p6. I have had the 32gb /2gb version for a month here in the UK. I agree that it is a very good phone indeed! It makes my 2 year old Galaxy Note N7000 look like a real slow coach.
    However, as you have noted it has an annoying hardware problem, the headphone jack socket! Nowhere have I been able to source headphones with the longer jack plugs. In desperation, I have trimmed the rubber around the plug on my skullcandy to get a better fit, so I can use the phone when I am walking. I have sent Elemobiles several emails about this problem but to date, have had no reply from them. So it’s very much a case of buyer beware!

  2. AW

    Glad you liked the review Jim.

    I’ve now had my P6 for 2 months and have fallen in love with it! I’ll be updating the review e.g. I praised the battery but after 2 months use I’d now describe battery life as fantastic. With WIFI and 3G usually off I charge the phone about every 5 or 6 days (at around 50% point, and Android indicates battery life of up to 14 days). Even when I left a GPS on and a GPS app running for a day the phone still had 2 days of charge left.

    The supplied earphones were as good/better than the “free” ones I’ve had with other phones. But I am annoyed with myself for forcing the jack of the supplied headphones all the way in – as before I did this I could use other earphones. It may be a problem for some, but no biggy for me, as I wasn’t intending to use other earphones anyway. But if I do decide to purchase a Bluetooth headset (dirt cheap in China) I’ll go for one with A2DP which allows me to listen to music as well.

  3. Tom Harte

    Thanks for that review AW. I am in Ireland. The review is very useful.
    I am on the verge of buying the phone. I like to use GPS while travelling on family holidays and I had been advised to be wary with the MTK chips for GPS but in your opinion, you are confident enough I shouldn’t have a great difficulty with this model, no?

    One other thing, was google play etc on it or was it full of chinese stuff? Did you have to do much out of the box to get it up and running?


    • AW

      Hi Tom

      The phone came with Google Play and worked “out of the box”. I think the phone was originally set to US English. (I vaguely recollect going to “Apps-Settings-Account-Language & input” a few days after I got the phone and changing from US to UK – it is certainly straight forward to change).

      was it full of chinese stuff? No. One demo game was Chinese, and one demo music clip had a title in Chinese characters.


      in your opinion, you are confident enough I shouldn’t have a great difficulty with this model?
      I’m an ex computer auditor; and based on a sample of one phone (my own) and one other review no auditor would state they are “confident”!!! I can say:

      1. I’ve used Google Navigation (comes with the phone) and also downloaded & tried Waze (? I think) in the car. I also installed ViewRanger at a friend’s to plot my drunken 3 mile walk home. On my P6 GPS worked perfectly with these apps. N.B. I did find leaving View Ranger and GPS on did eat into battery life, see my comment above.

      2. Gizchinas review gave the thumbs up to GPS on the P6. It says (my summary) that “the P6 was the first Mediatek phone it had received with fast working GPS right out of the box”.

      N.B. it mentioned the phone also had Glonass (Russian satellites) a bonus – its only recently appeared on some Western phones – but on my P6 I can only “see” US satellites with GPS testing apps. Whether due to the Apps, my lack of knowledge, or no Glonass capability, I don’t know; but it doesn’t cause me a problem. If someone can advise I’d appreciate it.

      3. Jim Gordon (comment above) was positive about the P6 but mentioned he had the headphone jack issue covered in my review; he didn’t mention GPS (which I guess means it wasn’t an issue). I’ve emailed him about his GPS experience so if you can hold your purchase for a few days there may be another reply to your comment.

      Information Elsewhere:

      The “Notes & Tips” section on my Phablet List includes links to sites re’ solving MTK GPS issues. Both these sites have forums and it may be worth posting your question there.

      I believe the P6 to be the best purchase I’ve made in years. If you do buy a Chinese phablet I’d appreciate your feedback – it would be useful to others.

      Hope this helps

    • Tom Harte

      Excellent stuff AW.
      I am going to buy it tonight.

      I am just trying to sort which site to use now to get it here quickly, without huge postage costs.
      I will be using it in Europe within a few weeks to navigate my way around so I will definitely post back here so that others may benefit from my experience as I have from yours!
      Thanks man

    • AW

      Hi Tom, good luck with your purchase.

      “get it here quickly, without huge postage costs”: If its not too late as you want it quickly I suggest you opt for some form of express delivery. See items 1 & 7 of the Pifalls section here.

    • Jim Gordon

      Hi Andy and friends

      Concerning the P6’s GPS performance, well to be honest with you it’s not something that I really use. However, I did use GPS Test on it and it spotted satellites quickly. I have also used Google maps on it too with no problems.

      What is a problem is http://www.elemobiles poor customer service. I have sent two e.mails to them concerning the non-standard length of 3.5mm earphone socket on the P6 which means that it can only be used with the poor quality earphones that came with it. To date they have not replied. I have written about this on MTK Forums. Therefore, I cannot recommend the P6 or Elephone.If anything goes wrong you’re on your own. It’s really a case of buyer beware

      What is particularly annoying about this is the P6 is an otherwise excellent phone, fast,and as you have noted, has a great battery life. What a shame!

      Thank you once again for your well written review. I am looking forward to the update of it.


    • AW

      Hi Jim, thanks for responding with the GPS info for Tom; and also highlighting the (lack of) customer service from the manufacturer.

      During my research I found after sales service of many (most?)Chinese/Hong Kong suppliers (whose bread and butter are individual customers) to be notoriously bad – see pitfalls section of “Stores I’d use” tab.

      So sadly I can’t say I’m surprised at the manufacturers lack of response to an individual buyer or user of their product.

      There may be some Chinese Phone manufacturer that are more responsive but as you say it comes down to buyer beware.

      That said my purchase paid off and at the price I’m prepared to accept the potential lack of after sales support.

    • Tom Harte

      comment moved by admin to new thread below (allows more space for text)

  4. Tom Harte

    Hi Andy,

    You said that you used it in your car for GPS.
    What holder did you use?
    I am tryng to find one but I am a little spooked by a comment on mtk forums where poster said to be careful because deceptively, the galaxy mega accessories don’t necessarily fit because p6 is a little bigger than galaxy mega. I was about to buy the Samsung ECS-K200BEG holder as that will hold mega.

    I’d appreciate your thoughts.

    • AW

      I think length/width almost identical. My P6 slotted clicked perfectly into a Galaxy Mega flip case sold in a local accessory shop BUT the case didn’t fully shut, the Mega (8mm?) is a thinner phone. Banggood state the P6 is 9.2mm (I think its actually slightly thicker but due to bevelled edge its impossible for me to measure accurately).

      DX lists lots of universal car mounts for phones/tablets. See these “search results for: gps holder tablet”. Had a quick look, some appear suitable and have good reviews e.g. this smartphone/GPS holder: It is realy useful and it can fix alot of things sinse small phones to big tablets. The holder is realy strong and you can put it almost anywhere. DX is a company I’d use; but the itemss I checked all say “Ships within 7-10 business days” then you have to add the shipping time. Also check “When will I receive my order?” on their FAQ.

      You’ve looked on other forums. Do a search and see if any posters mention a universal mount for other Chinese phablets e.g. the iNew i6000. I think its slightly bigger so if a universal mount fits the iNew it will probably be suit the P6.

      I’m 10 mins walk from city centre so rarely drive and only tried out GPS a few times for interest. I just sat the P6 in the passenger seat – the phone GPS made announcements at the correct time and whenever I glanced at/picked the phone up my correct position was shown.

    • Tom Harte

      Thanks Andy, ill check that out tonight so. Appreciate your help!!

      Edit by AW: AliExpress + Amazon & Ebay Marketplace shops (chances are they will be sourcing from China) will have a large choice – but see caveats/comments on using these (and DX) in this post. DX is one of the stores I shortlisted, and the links above goes via my affiliate id.

      I get the impression you need the item urgently – unfortunately failure to meet promised delivery times is a common complaint against Chinese suppliers. You may find something suitable in a local phone/tablet/gadget accessory shop.

  5. Tom Harte

    For folks reading this, elephone have released kitkat


    Mentions p8 and p9 but I imagine p6/ p6s will follow…

  6. wesgreen

    Thank you for that great review! How is the WLAN/WIFI reception? I’m thinking of getting it just as an internet tablet/book reader etc.

    • AW

      I use WIFI at home, friends and in town without problems. I guess that’s why I didn’t think to mention it in the review or carry out drop off distance comparisons with other phones.

      However, from what you’ve said I think you’d be better off buying a tablet. The P6 cost me £180 with deliv/taxes. Google’s flagship Nexus 7 tablet is £200 from official LOCAL dealers like Tesco; and shops on eBay/Amzon claim to sell it for much less. In January Carphone Warehouse was selling the old model Nexus 7 for £100 and I am sure there are other Tablet bargains out there. Kindles are cheaper than the P6.

    • wesgreen

      Thank you for the suggestions, and your response, AW. You have a good point about the price, but I like the flexibility of being able to insert a sim card when travelling, and the smaller size of the P6s would still let it fit into a pants’ pocket, if necessary.
      Have you read any txt and or pdf files on it? Would you prefer having a higher resolution when you do? My eyes aren’t that sharp anymore anyway, so I assume the resolution will be good enough for me.

      Btw., thanks also for the informative review of internet sellers.

    • AW

      Usually the lower the resolution the bigger the text. My eyesight is appalling (+3++) I’ve gone to settings and made font-size huge – and at last have a phone I am able to use without glasses – but glasses are still better. I’ve not read text files but I’ve downloaded PDFs from sites and read with Kindle App – okay without glasses, better with as I can display more on one screen.

      For me 1280×720 on this large screen is probably the best compromise. If the resolution was lower, text would be larger but I’d loose sharpness and the fantastic video and image quality.

    • wesgreen

      Well, I’ve received my P6s last week from Merimobiles (free shpg. took 3 1/2 weeks, as promised) and have to agree on the screen and other points with you; it’s great. They shipped it rooted, as ordered by me, but with Android 4.3.1, instead of 4.2.2 as advertised, which apparently results in low audio volume among other things, but everything else seems fine. PDfs read well with PDF Viewer. Wifi works. Battery time seems somewhat short (which others have also reported for 4.3.1), even without a simcard installed, and off wifi in airplane mode. Too early to really tell, as I’m new to Android. I’m using ordinary Kanen earbuds, which don’t fit as tight in the jack as in other devices, but work. All in all I’m impressed with the quality.
      Thank you for the recommendation!

  7. fulvio

    ciao ,volevo sapere se ha il led di notifica messaggio e chiamate ,grazie

    admin edit : Hi Fulvio: Sorry, Google Translate gives “hello, I wanted to know if the LED notification message and calls, thanks” but I still don’t understand the question.

  8. Tom Harte

    So, been using the Elephone P6s from banggood.com for three months.

    On opening the box, it was well wrapped, like any samsung device I suppose, it comes with a little booklet on android, not sure if it is specific to this version of android as I haven’t read it. Earphones, screen cover (although it already has a perfectly placed screen cover on it also) and a charger with an UK three pin adaptor. Google play straight out of the box too with no crapware.

    Phone is solid, sturdy and robust. Nothing on it feels cheap, maybe just the little home button feels a little clickier than a samsung home button but its not a major issue. Rocker and power button are solid and feel robust. The phone is heavy, I will say that, and a little fat. I like that though, it feels better in the hand.

    The audio speaker in the earpiece is not as loud as any other phone I have used but I have since discovered these can be altered with some tweaking using MTK engineer kit from playstore. It is important that one changes the volume settings using the engineer kit because for a about a month, I didn’t know of that app and so was quite frustrated as it was really hard to have a conversation anywhere with the remotest of background noise.

    Bluetooth is ok, I paired with Parrot Mki9200 in the car and it works fine, nothing different than my samsung s3. One thing I noticed though, previously when getting into the car and starting it up, samsung s3 connected almost immediately whereas this elephone takes a bit longer to pair – sometimes it doesn;t pair at all and I have to turn bluetooth on/ off to get it to do it. Again, not a big thing but would be better if it was as fast as s3.

    Spent about 2 hours straight browsing on the phoneshortly after getting it and noticed the back of it became hot. The s3 would do this too but I thought the elephone was a little hotter.

    It says that it is USB OTG but it isn’t. At least when I plug in the usb stick nothing happens and when I installed OTG checker it said phone isn’t OTG either so that is a pain. I thought it was! This is a big disappointment because that is a feature I use quite a lot with the old s3, so be warned, the p6s is not USB OTG.

    Wi-fi is really good. At the back of the house, where s3 couldn’t retain wifi connection, the elephone has two bars so that is impressive.

    The onboard speaker isn’t very loud either but it is fine. It is a little less than the s3 and it is noticeable alright. You can alter this though with that engineering tool I mentioned

    GPS is solid, picked up 9 satellites when I ran the satellite app. This is instant, no delay, it locked on to me really quickly and followed me out around the street. Used it extensively across Europe too and again, no issues, exact same as S3. I know some have reservations about GPS on these chip sets, well this phone is not affected. GPS is great.

    The hd quality is very impressive when looking at a video, the camera also is very good. Can’t really see any difference from my s3 there. Showed some people at work and they were very impressed with screen quality. The touch is bang on too, nothing to report there, exactly the same as s3, very smooth. One thing though, when I slide down fast on a webpage on my s3, it flings through a whole page and you can fly through a long page in seconds watching the page fly by. Not on this though, fast swiping doesn’t do anything so you have to keep putting your finger back on and sliding down/ upagain. Not a big thing though but would be better without that missing option.

    You have to install special drivers to get the PC to recognise the phone, these are searchable on line so just be careful, it won’t connect to the PC straight out of the box – windows doesn’t recognise it correctly. Fine though once you have them installed.

    The android version is 4.3.1 kernel 3.4.39 and it is marked January 9th 2014 – 11.48 whatever that means.

    I am let down by the android version compared to the s3. I am unable to change vibration intensity as there is no option.
    When I receive an sms, the screen does not light up and there is no flashing from the little light at the top either. Same goes for email. I have to periodically check the phone at work whereas previously with s3, when on silent, it would flash the little bulb to tell me an sms or call or email was received.

    The gesture thing works brilliant, it is really accurate but again, that is more gimmicky, not sure that it is an important feature. Sometimes when writing sms/ email etc, the phone is starting to lag and freeze a lot but patience will get you passed it.

    Something really frustrating is the internal storage. I am at the stage now that installing updates on apps can’t be done because of it.
    I have 32GB SD card with lots and lots of space, I even have phone storage with nearly 10GB but the “internal storage” is almost full because only 1Gb or something is allocated to that. It is a nuisance but I have it on my to do list to resolve in the future with some googling.

    All in all, it is a good buy, certainly better than €600 for a galaxy mega which it is modeled on.

    • AW

      Brilliant review/feedback Tom. Thanks very much.
      Must admit don’t use OTG and didn’t think to test it. When I got my (older build) P6 I was able to connect my to my ancient Win Vista for reading/writing with no problem; unlike my previous LG which required installation of software and drivers and was a complete mare.

      What “Car/GPS” holder did you get in the end? Was it any good?

  9. Tom Harte

    Yeah andy, i just went with the samsung holder. The phone is a little too long forbit but where it is too long it makes up for in tightness. Its snug as a bug in the standard samsung one. No rattling ir vibrating. Was great travelling in Europe.

    • AW

      Thanks Tom, info could be useful for others

  10. wesgreen

    Hi Tom, great review, thanks! MTK tools on the Play market are a great help. USB OTG works fine on my device with various cardreaders and mp3 players etc. The notification light as well. My device also never gets hot, but I don’t do much gaming. I managed to make this “Thousand Eight(TM) Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Heavy Duty Defender Tuff Hybrid Hard Case With stand Case” (Amazon) fit by cutting away most of the interior rubber padding and adding extra cutouts for the P6s (with a drill and a small saw). It adds considerable size and weight, but offers a lot of protection. I usually carry the device in a pouch around my neck. Liking it more every day.

  11. juhi

    elephone p6i is full west money please no purchase

    • AW

      Confusing I know, but the P6i is a totally different phone to those in this article e.g. it is only 5″ compared to 6.3 inch.

      That said, most customer reviews of P6i that I’ve just checked are very positive.

  12. awong

    hi guys, if you are thinking of Elephone. you need to be careful.
    i bought one G7 and it broke after two days of use. The vibrator and lights malfunction and it is just a piece of crap.
    i used other Chinese phones such as xiaomi , huawei. Elepehone is an aweful product and i really doubt their QA check.
    if you go to this site: you will see many people have various problems with Elephone The link is :

    • AW

      The forum you mention is worth Elephone buyers/users checking out; It covers ROM updates etc.
      I couldn’t see any defects support requests for the P6S, I don’t know anything about the G7 it does have problem posts but these don’t see excessive for a support forum (others can go to the link and judge for themselves).

      What is evident is the lack of “Manufacturer feedback e.g. queries on whether it will be possible to upgrade the P6(S) to Android 4.4. There are also no forums for the P6 – okay it is no longer sold, but is only a year old.

      As you can see from comments from people who have actually bought the P6S, Chinese phones are fantastic bargain buy. However, as
      I have made it clear in the articles on Chinese sourced phones there are risks, support is not to “Western” standard even if you use a supplier with positive reviews, and you may not always satisfactorily resolve your problems.

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