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4 ways to configure custom 403 and 404 pages; and a warning about infinite loops

The default 403 and 404 pages are short plain text messages that do not encourage visitors to stay on your site. Customising these pages is usually achieved by creating 403/404.shtml files. However there are other solutions each with their pros and cons. Read More

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Web-site Security: blocking user agents, requests & query strings

Your first line of defence in preventing common vulnerability scans, directory traversal, and code injection attacks. A must read, if your web-site is hosted on either Apache (Linux) or IIS (Microsoft) servers. Read More

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Blocking hackers and spammers from your site

This article is about one of your first lines of defence – using an Access Control List (e.g. htaccess on Apache sites) to block unwanted visitors/bots from your site, by country IP location. Part 2 will look at blocking by User Agent. Read More

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