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I love everything IT and enjoy research and solving problems.
I'm not an internet expert, but I do have 20 years of ancient commercial IT experience. I started work (pre PC and Linux) on an IBM 370 mainframe where programs were read from punch cards and you had to calculate your file locations on disk. My work in IT also included 10 years as a Computer Auditor.

WP Rocket: Geolocation and caching by country

Logo WP Rocket

3 years ago WP Rocket asked me to to develop Country Caching for WP Rocket but at that time it wasn't feasible. Many Rocket users have also asked for this; and I recently rechecked Rocket Code and found I could produce a plugin. Click Read More for the guide and download link.

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PHP: Automate the update of your Maxmind Geolite 2 database files

Do you use Maxmind's free code and database file(s) for Geoip? Is updating your site with the latest data file one of those tasks you never have time to do? Here’s a “sit back and forget it” PHP script with error detection, recovery, and email notification to automate the process! Read More

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Adding GDPR soft opt-in to Cookie Notice

If you are using Cookie Notice and your visitors continue to navigate without clicking any cookie notice button; then the notice will continue to be displayed and your site will never run "cookie blocked" scripts.

See how you can solve this by adding GDPR Soft Opt-in to Cookie Notice. Read More

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CCA and Cookie Notice – fixing for Google Analytics

When using Cookie Notice, Google Analytics identifies any visitor's first landing page as a "direct" (on site navigation) request and organic information is lost. If you are using the Category Country Aware plugin you can fix this issue for your non-EU visitors. Read More

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A WordPress cookie notice that is only displayed to EU visitors.

How to easily add a cookie consent bar to your Wordpress site that will only be displayed to visitors located in the European Union. Read More

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CCA and Country Caching plugins: connecting alternative GeoIP system for country identification

Documentation is a work in progress. Create a file named “use-my-geolocation.inc” containing your custom cca_custom_lookup function and place it in your “/wp-content/cca_maxmind_data/” directory. As a minimum the function must: set $GLOBALS[‘CCA_ISO_CODE’] to the 2 character ISO country code identified by your geolocation system; if your geolocation system reports an error or cannot identify the visitor ... Read More

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CCA & Country Caching Plugins – changing server IP variable(s) used by Maxmind for country look up

If you are using Cloudflare for geolocation then this page has no relevance or interest. The CCA & Country Caching Plugins check your server’s IP variables (in this order) “HTTP_CLIENT_IP”, “HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR”, “HTTP_X_REAL_IP and “REMOTE_ADDR” for the first occurrence of a valid IP address. However you can use different PHP server variables, or change the order ... Read More

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How to add new custom fields and values when editing posts and pages in WordPress.

Opening the post editor for a specific post or page and adding a new custom field and value is simple - once you know how. This post addresses two issues that can cause confusion the first time you try to add one of these fields. Read More

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WordPress speed: how to add prefetch and prerender tags to posts & pages

Prefetch and prerender tags can make navigation of your site faster for visitors. See how to add these tags to your WordPress posts and pages. Read More

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A script to display your site’s IP related environment variables

Are your own IP checks (or a plugin's) failing to correctly identify your visitors's locations? It may be down to your specific server configuration.
Check how your site identifies visitor IPs by using this script. Read More

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