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PHP: Automate the update of your Maxmind Geolite 2 database files

Do you use Maxmind's free code and database file(s) for Geoip? Is updating your site with the latest data file one of those tasks you never have time to do? Here’s a “sit back and forget it” PHP script with error detection, recovery, and email notification to automate the process! Read More

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A script to display your site’s IP related environment variables

Are your own IP checks (or a plugin's) failing to correctly identify your visitors's locations? It may be down to your specific server configuration.
Check how your site identifies visitor IPs by using this script. Read More

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PHP one liners: How to allow a script to be run from a Cron Job but not from a Browser

Do you have scheduled jobs run via Cron that you want to prevent being run via browsers and other user agents? Well, here are two single line statements to do just that. One, for scripts "requested" by directory path; and another for scripts requested by URL. Read More

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PHP: highlight_file with line numbers and CSS classes

Include code listings in your posts: this tutorial shows how to trick highlight_file into using classes; add line numbers; and make them easily identifiable for copy and paste. Read More

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3 easy ways to display source code listings for your tutorials and posts

The lazy bloggers guide to displaying syntax color highlighted PHP code for your articles, posts and tutorials. Line numbers optional! Covers display in both native php pages and CMS (e.g. Wordpress) posts. Read More

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PHP: tricking highlight_file to use CSS classes instead of inline styles

How to get highlight_file and highlight_string to list your source code using CSS classes instead of inline styles; and reduce the size of your page. Read More

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