You are probably using the CCA plugin to fine tune or customize pages, sidebars & posts (you are from United States!) based on visitor country and/or category – you can also use it to customize your Navigation Menus.

In this real example “Insurance” links to one of 3 different pages depending on whether the visitor is from the US or Canada, the United Kingdom, or anywhere else.

Example Nav Menu

How to:

I’ll assume you’ve already installed the CCA Plugin.

1. Install the Menu Item Visibility Control plugin.

It has no settings, it just adds an additional field labeled “visibility” to your WordPress Menu Items.

This field is very powerful, you can use it to specify conditions under which the menu item will be displayed e.g. when a visitor is logged in, or when the post is a particular category.

Make sure BOTH the Menu Visibility AND CCA plugins are activated and:

2. Add Pages or Custom URLs to your Nav Menu as normal (Dashboard ->Appearance ->Menus).

If you want the menu item to only appear for visitors from specific countries add the “cca_visitor_from()” condition (containing appropriate 2 character ISO Country Codes) to the Visibility field , as per example below.

If you want a menu item to only appear for visitors who are NOT from specific countries use the “cca_visitor_NOT_from()” condition instead, as per example below.

To finish off our real life example from the start of the post, we add one more menu item with visibility of cca_visitor_from(‘GB’).

Job done.