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Review of Banggood.Com

Buying China sourced goods is risky, choose your supplier carefully (see pitfalls). After checking customer feedback from a variety of sources I ended up with a shortlist of 4 websites I would consider using.

I ordered a smartphone from BangGood.Com on 15 Jan. It had the lowest price; but the main reason I bought from this website was because of good customer good feedback on: TrustPilot, ResellerRatings, MyWOT, & GizChina (click links for latest ratings).

The phone lived up to expectations and was over $300 / £200 cheaper than equivalent models in the UK. I will be using this store again despite the unfriendly shopping cart (see guidance below).

Edit: No (especially Chinese) supplier is perfect. Although BangGood has excellent customer feedback on the review sites above (backed up by my own experience), comments have been posted at the bottom of the article by unhappy customers.


Well packed. Delivered on time. As described. Working.

Well packed. Delivered on time. As described. Working.


  • low prices
  • choice of products
  • able to track delivery, good protective packaging, item received in stated timescale and fully working,
  • not spammed following order.


  • difficulty in selecting method of shipping and entering delivery address (see how to do it below)
  • selection of payment method confusing – for both Paypal AND Credit/Debit card you should click “Checkout with Paypal”. This may be obvious to you, but wasn’t to me

The website:

It sells all types of products from clothes to gadgets. Some products have video demos. It has customer forums for products e.g. phones which include advice, plus customer reviews, comments and queries.

Placing your order:

I suggest you register before placing an order; on registering I received a code for extra discount. Your registration address can be chosen for delivery in the shopping cart.

Entering a delivery address in the shopping cart doesn’t work with some browsers. If you have this problem, registering/logging on first solves the problem (see above).

Don’t select shipping methods until you use the shopping cart page (choosing the shipping method on individual product pages doesn’t work in all browsers).


Payment can be made in a variety of currencies using Paypal, Credit or Debit card. It wasn’t obvious to me but to pay by Credit/Debit Card you have to click “Checkout with Paypal”. Paypal is used to process both Card and its own Paypal transactions.


Banggood ships worldwide.

I had 3 shipping options for the UK. Free (7 – 20 business days), EMS (4-10 days £12.79) or Expedited (2-4 business days £9). This doesn’t include the time taken for the store to process/pack your order and pass it to the shipper.

The product page indicated the item I wanted would be processed in a day – some items have longer times. I ordered it on 15 Jan and opted for EMS shipping. Banggood actually took nearly 2 days to process; but the item arrived on 24 Jan (total 9 days) within the stated timescale. I can’t fault the protective packing. The shipper (DHL) handled Customs paperwork and charged me £19 to cover the taxes and admin. (DHL’s “Customs” payment mechanism: I received an automated telephone call informing me my package had arrived in the UK and instructing me to go to DHLs website to make a payment to cover Customs handling. N.B. do this straight away, DHL will not deliver your package until they have received payment).

Although you might be able to avoid import taxes by using free delivery but I’d recommend the security of a faster proper “signed for” service (Expedited or EMS). Ordinary shipping from China is slow and I think the quoted 7-20 business days is very optimistic – especially if your package is checked by customs.


My purchase was problem free and fantastic value. I will be using BangGood again.

Reviewed by Andy W

Like Amazon & eBay, other stores have affiliate partnerships for sites linking to them. I decided to affiliate with Banggood. It won’t affect the price you pay, but I’ll earn commission if you buy from them – and start to cover the costs of my website. I’ve not affilliated with any site I would not be prepared to use myself.


  1. V. Harutunian

    thank you that was very informative and helpful

  2. QuintinEaston

    Edit by AW. All posts on this blog are checked before they are published. Unlike the Supplier list page I forgot to provide guidelines on posting. To get guidelines at top of comments I’ve had edit and insert it here. Despite lack of email address and full details I’ve let this comment through as guidelines wern’t published, however other comments should follow the guidelines:

    If you are recommending/criticising a company please follow the guidelines below. It will help me prevent the false comments I see on other blogs, where the poster has a commercial relationship with a particular site. These cons devalue your genuine comments.

    • Do provide a genuine email address – it won’t be published, but I may want to contact you – I may even try and follow up problems with the supplier (not likely at current time due to time pressures).
    • Please provide details of your experience e.g. the item you bought, was it satisfactory, whether happy with speed of delivery.
    • Don’t con readers with your commission earning links e.g. “I had great service from hltp://xyz.com/your_commision_code”


    Ordered a $300 smart phone from Banggood. They got my order wrong and I received a much cheaper phone. They are ignoring all my emails for assistance. I do not recommend. Try one of the other online retailers. Banggood sucks.

  3. Mark Taylor

    I ordered a sportscam from Banggood. It has been over 9 weeks. Just discovered it is impossible to open a dispute with paypal once it goes over 45 days. Looks like I lost my money. Disappointed in both paypal and banggood.

  4. Juan

    I commented on my shopping experience Banggood: On 24 September 2014 made a purchase of a tablet in Banggood, well as of today October 23, 2014 I have not yet received a MONTH LATER. I have contacted staff Banggood and all I say is to be patient that will come, I answer a week after buying the tablet bought in another Chinese website another article and I arrived after 15 days by the SAME postal service, then Banggood NOT HAVE SENT. Give me a reference number to track the status and NEVER CHANGE the status. Conclusion: A SCAM.

  5. Dazza

    Ordered a jacket from Banggood based on some of the positive reviews of other buyers. I was reluctant to order clothing from China as there sizing is so weird… well what a big mistake! I ordered a 2 xl based on their size guide which suggests it is an equivalent to a US Large. However it is more closer to a medium than a large. I pointed this out to them and they first said “just to order another one in a larger size” and then said send it back at my expense as there is a “slight error” regarding the size guide. The cost to send it back outweighs the cost of the item so that is pointless! I feel as though I have been ripped off and misled by their sizing guide. Terrible company!… there’s a reason why their goods are so cheap! poor merchandise and poor customer service!… never again!

  6. AW


  7. AW

    Unfortunately since February a number of visitors have missed the COMMENTS NOW CLOSED above.

    I’ve now altered the site’s theme so the comment form can be removed but old comments retained and displayed.


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