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Welcome visitor from ; work smarter by installing the easy to use and free CCA Plugin:

See how the plugin can makes your WordPress site much, much, better (3 minute demonstration):

View Part 2: (using the plugin) to see how quickly and easily you can transform your site.


1. CCA Side Bar (widget area) Widgets
  • YOU control what is displayed based on category(s) and/or visitor’s locale(s)
  • use as many CCA widgets as you want, each with their own set of entries for content
  • save sidebar space e.g. a CCA widget can display RSS content for one category and an Advert for another, so there is no need for 2 separate widgets in your sidebar.
  • select categories by name (not by unfriendly numeric id)
  • YOU choose the number of characters to display for RSS News Item excerpts (unlike WP RSS widget)
  • option to nofollow (good for SEO) news feed links and open RSS links in new tab (unlike WP RSS widget)
  • make long Widget Titles wrap (<br>) where YOU want (unlike WP widgets)
  • fine tune widget look and make ads/images fit using simple check-box options to override Theme’s widget style (code free styling)
2. Adverts WITHIN Posts
  • Automatically include Adverts (or other content) in your posts
  • Define Ad or content to be displayed based on category(s) and/or visitor locations
3. Customize posts for different locales (using shortcodes)
  • Hide certain content from visitors from specified countries
  • Insert visitor’s Country Name into text.
  • Display temperatures in the scale used by your visitor
4. Smart Responsive Adverts (even on fixed width themes)
  • Option to display ads within posts on small devices like smartphones.
5. Country Specific Navigation Menu (see this page)
6. Hooks and Extensions
7. Use GeoLocation in your own PHP code
  • You can identify your visitor’s country in your own scripts by includeing and using the Maxmind code provided with the plugin.

Support questions should be posted on WordPress.org forum.

The most specific entry found is used; and categories have higher priority than visitor location.

If your widget has content for the following entries:

  1. “All Categories” country “Anywhere”
  2. “All Categories” country “France”
  3. Category “Travel” country “Anywhere”
  4. Category “Travel” country “US”
  5. Category “Travel” country “Germany”

When viewing a post in Category “Travel”:

  • a US visitor would see the widget content in entry ‘ Category “Travel” country “US” ‘
  • a German visitor would see the widget content in entry ‘ Category “Travel” country “Germany” ‘
  • visitors from any other country would see the entry for ‘ Category “Travel” country “Anywhere” ‘

When viewing a post in Category “Animals” (or any other category which does not have an entry):

  • a French visitor would see the entry for ‘ “All Categories” country “France” ‘
  • visitors from any other country would see the entry for ‘ “All Categories” country “Anywhere” ‘

Short answer: yes if you install the free goodies extension

Long answer:

Any plugin enabling input of arbitrary PHP has increased security risks, however I am aware there is a demand for this feature.
To protect normal non-PHP users, you will have to positively opt to enable PHP. For security, opt-in is set by a separate plugin to the widget that executes it.

Yes. Insert a <br> tag at the point you wish the new line to occur.

Yes: either by using a CCA class method (simple), or (more efficient) by directly using Maxmind Software installed with the plugin. See CCA and GeoIP.

Yes – See CCA and GeoIP.

Short answer:

  • Yes for Cloudflare (according to my tests) using their “aggressive caching” option
  • “Perfectly” for Quickcache when using this caching plugin extension; or WP Supercache with this one. See CCA Country Caching.
  • W3 Total Cache: DIY solutions (less than perfect).
  • Other caching plugins may or may not provide suitable settings.

If not then you can still use the CCA widget to display relevant content by category (ignoring visitor country).

Full answer: see CCA Plugin and Country Caching


  1. Massimo

    I can’t make it work. I select the country when setting the widget but it doesn’t work. I have seen the video and followed the procedure as explained, but still no luck. Please help.

    Thank you


    • AW

      Hi Massimo, I’ve emailed you for more information.

      Due to changes in requirements by the WordPress team for all plugins, you now have to confirm you want to use the country functionality of the plugin.

      It’s simple to do I’ve now added the instructions in section 2 of the “How To Guide” page, and I will update the video shortly.

  2. KoolPal


    Your How to guide seems to be in a draft mode.

    Please check.


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